Professional Curtain Cleaning Company

Our curtain cleaning Keilor service is clean and efficient and reduces the risk of shrinkage and damage. Screen Cleaning Process Your screens use a clean cleaning solution, both wet and dry. It is soft to use on most types of fabrics, even those exposed to the sun. At Carpet Cleaning Keilor, we offer curtain cleaning services that rely on cloth cleaning depending on whether it can be on site or off site and is safe to use.

They are being taken to local dry cleaners and then hung againTo practically eliminate shrinkage and curtain damage, Carpet Cleaning Keilor offers an on-site site to clean your curtains, scissors and draperies. Carpet Cleaning Keilor non-toxic cleansers offer both wet and dry cleaning of curtains. Our process is safe for customers and technicians who clean, but it is also safe for applications on most types of clothing, even those exposed to the sun. Screen cleaning on site is quick and easy!

Curtain Cleaning Werribee

We clear the following:

  • Curtains / curtains, window scarves and balances
  • Imposing, French pleasures, tiebacks, sheer and lace
  • Silk, chanel, velvet, flowers and earth tops
  • All clean clothes


  • No removal!
  • No need to hang again!
  • The curtains are clear where they hang!
  • No shrink guaranteed!