No matter how hard you try, we understand how difficult it is to keep furniture and other upholstery clean. And if you have children or pets, that's hard. Thanks to Carpet Cleaning Keilor Cam Dry, your furniture doesn't have to be dirty. Regular cleaning of furniture can make your home look fresh, clean and new.

It also reduces bacteria and odors in your home. Before you consider changing your furniture, give Carpet Cleaning Keilor Dry a chance to save it with our upholstery cleaning service in Carpet Cleaning Keilor. We will work closely with your schedule to offer our services at the most appropriate time for you.

Werribee Upholstery Cleaning

We were excited to learn how efficient our Hot Carbonating Extract cleaning process was, and we believe we had customers as well. That's why we called a well-known independent laboratory and tested it. The lab concluded that the cam-dry process quickly removes an average of 99.1% of common household allergens. The allergen tested was dog and cat dander and dust-flavored allergens. In addition, the lab found that our process, used with a sanitizer, removes an average of 89% of bacteria produced from indoor air, which improves indoor air quality.